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Access Control System. BCI-bank. Chile

Access control system (ACS) is a set of software and hardware that provide streamlining, controlling and logging the movement of people along the territory controlled by the system. Depending on the client’s needs, ACS, developed by our company, can perform the following functions:

  • restricting outsiders to overstep the territory which is under the system surveillance;
  • restricting freedom of movement for employees, visitors according to their access rights;
  • employees’ working time recording, attendance recording as well as forming of statistics and providing all information about movements inside the object;
  • payment for access to the territory controlled by the system.

The projects of access control system, provided by LOT Group successfully operate on the most various objects, including:

  • public institutions;
  • educational institutions;
  • banks;
  • plants, factories, in industrial premises and offices;
  • enterprises providing leisure, rest, cultural and sport events.

LOT Group offers the following ACS modules that can be selected to make up the system:


Means of Identification Validation – information carriers for identity monitoring, logging and checking:

  • SMART-Cards (MIFARE®*, PayWave, PayPass and more).

Turnstiles intended for controlling passage in access control systems, including:

  • Turnstile Expert
  • Turnstile Porta
  • Turnstile Eco
  • Turnstile Accent
  • Turnstile Turn-port
  • Turnstile Castle
  • Turnstile Calisto
  • Turnstile Defender
  • Turnstile L-IT
  • Optical turnstile

System automated workstations (AWS) – computers with software that automates the work of the personnel who operate the system:

  • Guard AWS

System servers:

  • BD server

System network equipment: routing gateways, routers and switches.


LOT Group has developed a specialized access control system Barrier intended to be installed at industrial enterprises, financial and administrative institutions, major business and other organizations, as well as at military and strategic facilities. The purpose of the system is automating access control for employees and visitors. The system can also be used for automating the logging of work hours (late for work, working overtime and so forth).

Installing Barrier access control system at an enterprise ensures the following:

  • Rendering work time logging more accurate. limiting access to the organization’s premises and/or grounds.
  • Reducing theft of material valuables and documents.
  • Simplifying the procedure of issuing pass tickets.
  • Improving employee performance (labor discipline).
  • Rendering time keeping and personnel record keeping less labor-intensive.
  • Rendering the management of the payroll fund more efficient (only for actual work time).


Designing an ACS for a specific enterprise:

  • Making a comprehensive analysis of the structure of the customer’s enterprise.
  • Task statement for selecting an optimal (in term of the cost, flexibility and scalability) hardware and software package.
  • Estimating the time and cost of the implementation for a typical (rough estimate) and specific (accurate estimate) enterprise.

Installing an ACS at an enterprise:

  • Installing the hardware.
  • Laying the communication network (for wired networks) and installing network equipment (for all kinds of networks).
  • Debugging (checking) the installed system hardware.
  • Installing and adjusting the system software.
  • Testing the interaction of all system components.

Support and maintenance of the system hardware:

  • Conducting scheduled service inspections.
  • Replacing consumables and components with expired service life.

Support and scheduled updating of the system software:

  • Performing scheduled updates to improve the system performance.
  • Fixing issues in the operation of the system software in the on-line mode.
  • Training the customer’s personnel to operate the system (system administrators, AWS operators, technicians).

Our international resellers

  • Alarmtec
  • TIS
  • Accesorii Securitate
  • Anti-Efractie
  • Bentel Sistem
  • C&C Engineering
  • Cactus Technology
  • e4Soft
  • Green Center
  • Secpral
  • Solutions Intelligentes Informatiques
  • TAS Seguridad

* MIFARE® and MIFARE CLASSIC® are registered trademarks, owned by NXP B.V.

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