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Nowadays modern metropolis is in constant motion. It is impossible to imagine this movement without extended transport infrastructure and extensive network of parking. Parking owners constantly have to solve problems of dishonesty and misfeasance of the staff and customers as well as inaccurate statistics, etc.

Automated fare collection system for parking LOT PARKING, produced by the LOT Group, is an effective and suitable solution for those who move with times.

LOT PARKING is intended to provide qualitative and maximally automatized control of the cars arrival and departure as well as automated fare collection for the parking services.

Advantages of the LOT PARKING system:

  • automated fare collection;
  • financial control;
  • monitoring of the events in real time mode;
  • security;
  • convenience for customers.

LOT PARKING is solving the following problems:

  • automation of car arrival/departure to the parking lot;
  • automation of fare collection system based on bar-coded tickets and
    contactless cards;
  • suitable control and analysis of financial activity of the parking complex;
  • reducing the number of misfeasance of the staff and dishonesty of customers;
  • monitoring of the events in the LOT PARKING system in the real time mode;
  • comfortable conditions of using parking services for customers.

Automated Fare Collection System LOT PARKING can be installed on the objects where parking services should be paid:

  • on the territory of special parking complexes;
  • on the parking areas near business centers;
  • on the parking areas near sport and entertainment complexes;
  • on the parking areas near railway stations and airports;
  • on the parking areas near hotels;
  • on the parking areas near exhibition complexes;
  • on the parking areas near shopping centers.

Implementation of the LOT PARKING system will allow:

  • to create a user-friendly, easy and convenient Fare Collection System;
  • to cut off the employment expenses;
  • to set manageable fare rates;
  • to receive detailed reports;
  • to ensure high pressure operation of the parking in a long run;
  • to increase efficiency for parking owner.

System Composition

Automated fare collection system LOT PARKING consists of the entry stand, exit stand, payment terminal, system server, administrator’s automated work place, cashier’s automated work place and special software.

Entry and exit stands have two modifications and allow to use contactless cards or bar-coded tickets as payment media.

Entry and exit barriers can be included in the delivery set on the customer’s request.

Parking System Composition

Car arrival to the parking

When a car gets into the coverage area of the first induction loop, the system allows the car to drive into the parking. A driver has to push the button on the entry stand. After the driver receives a card/bar-coded ticket from the entry stand, the barrier opens. The car crosses the first and the second induction loops. At the moment of leaving the second loop the system transfers the command to close the entry barrier.

Prompt for the driver is displayed on the stand screen. In case when a driver has any questions, he can use voice communication with the system administrator.

Car arrival to the parking

Payment for parking services

To pay for parking services a customer can use payment terminal or pay at cashier’s window. The customer gives the card/bar-coded ticket received at the entry. The system defines the arrival time and counts the cost of parking services according to the current tariffs. The customer has to pay for the services at the payment terminal or at the cashier’s window. The system registers the information about the payment and the customer has an opportunity to leave the parking.

Tariff system

LOT PARKING system provides flexible tariff system. Depending on the customer’s requirements the system allows to choose the necessary tariff.

The cost of parking services depends on the time of car staying on the parking lot. Automated LOT PARKING system allows to use the following types of tariffs:

  • day-time;
  • night;
  • weekend;
  • hourly;
  • daily.

Free time interval, when a customer can use the parking free of charge, can be added to the system on the customer’s request.

LOT PARKING system provides flexible system of discounts.

Car departure from the territory of the parking

When a car leaves the territory of the parking, it gets into the coverage area of the first induction loop and the departure procedure starts. While leaving the parking lot the customer inserts the card into the exit stand. The system checks the fact of payment according to the shown document (card / bar-coded ticket). In case when the payment is confirmed successfully, the system opens the exit barrier. The customer gains the right to leave the parking lot and after the customer leaves the second induction loop, the system closes the barrier.

Car departure from the territory of the parking

The system operates in the on-line mode thus the constant connection between the devices is needed for the faultless operation of the system.

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