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To ensure security and control access to the premises of higher education institutions, we offer the systems consisting of:

  • turnstiles equipped with contactless card readers (tripods and flap gates,
    10+ models);
  • accessories to block the passage (wickets, fences, barriers, etc.);
  • video surveillance hardware (cameras, monitors);
  • special software to operate the equipment.
Turnstyle Expert at Medical University, Kharkiv

Implementing ACS (access control system) allows university authorities to solve several tasks:

  • Restrict access to the university’s premises: only members of the academic community and staff allowed;
  • Monitor situation inside the building using a video surveillance system;
  • Generate detailed statistic report on passes to monitor students’ attendance or improve lecturing staff working time management;
  • Whittle down the expenses on the security provision in the university’s premises.

For your school we offer:

• To install a reliable turnstile (or several turnstiles) and a computer to control this turnstile.
• To implement software to manage system.
• To provide students and teachers with access cards.
• To install a web application with a user-friendly interface.

In recent years access control systems have spread a lot and covers many areas of our life. Our system operates smoothly, controlling the entrance to the building, but can you guess what makes it really special? The special web-based application that helps parents and teachers managing the learning process at school.

Software helps parents get closer to their child’s school life:

• SMS-notification on the time your child entering the school and going out of it.
• Class attendance statistics of your child during the chosen period.
• Online reports on your child’s marks (module “electronic record book”).
• Ability to follow the teacher’s comments and redirections online.
• Access to your child’s schedule and homework.

Over 80% of parents are not informed about the possibility of installation the efficient access control system at school.

Loving parents are concerned about their children life and health. At home their kids are always safe, and what about school? The simplest way to improve the safety at your child’s school significantly – is an implementation of specialized automated access control system.

The system is intended to help head master with management of all teaching and learning activities at all stages – it generates various reports on teachers work, class progress and so on, for example:
• The data about transferred students or graduates.
• The composition of students in classes.
• The records about the teaching staff (employment period, lecturing hours, delays, etc.).
• Data on school infrastructure.
• Data on extra-curricular activities.
• Comparative analysis of studying progress.
• Interactive report on results of final academic assessment.

Teacher assistant module allows the following management activities:

• Assign student a grade, comment the mark.
• Write a comment on the student’s behavior.
• Generate a diagram on student or class attendance.
• Send a message to parents or school executives.
• View the schedule of classes and school activities.
• Manage classes’ timetable, extra-curricular activities.
• Review school announcements and news.

Access Control System is also a convenient assistant for school head masters and offers the following reports and functions:

• Studies progress by whole school and by defined students or classes.
• All school students’ personal records.
• School timetable management.
• Generation of reports for the state or municipal authorities.

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