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Intersection Control System provides automatic traffic lights control at the intersections to provide privileges in traffic for vehicles while crossing the intersections.

Intersection control system is a complicated multilevel system.

The first level consists of executive devices and traffic flow sensors: traffic lights, information panels, microwave radars, surveillance cameras with analytic functions support.

The second level is performed by road controllers. Controllers allow to control trafficlights and information panels, collect information about traffic volume and intersection crowding, analyze and process the received information and according to this data to unload the intersections, to connect with traffic control center via any available communication channel, to record the history of its actions with opportunity to get this information
while considering the disputable situations.

The third level of the system is intended for transmitting the data from road controllers to the traffic control center and if necessary, for receiving the control commands by devices of the first level.

The fourth level of the system is performed by the central server node, central traffic control center, automated working places that provide the information to other systems and allows to control the equipment of certain intersections and the whole system in general.

Implementation of the Intersection control system will allow to solve the following problems:

  • improving the traffic control;
  • lowing the level of motor vehicle emission from cars standing in traffic jams;
  • reduction the travel time and total reduction of fuel consumption;
  • vehicles priority control along the road over the other participants of the traffic;
  • maximum assistance in keeping the vehicle timetable;
  • prevention of traffic jams and reducing the time of traffic jam elimination at the complicated and crowded intersections;
  • providing the information for municipal services about the highway crowding, providing the possibilities of changing the traffic situation for solving the emergency situations (providing the priority for special purpose vehicles, etc).
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