To control public transport traffic and to provide safety movement on the lines we offer to implement the following subsystems of the Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) system:

  • automatic video-detection subsystem of moving vehicles;
  • automatic video-detection subsystem of vehicles passing on red;
  • sectional speed measuring subsystem.

Automatic video-detection subsystem of moving vehicles provides the following functions:

  • vehicle license plate recognition;
  • searching for stolen vehicles;
  • checking traffic of lanes reserved for busses and trams;
  • electronic toll system supervision;
  • modular solution enabling additional functions.

Automatic video-detection subsystem of vehicles passing on red provides the following functions:

  • video-detection of a traffic junction light state;
  • license plate recognition;
  • photographic documentation and traffic offence archiving;
  • option of reconstructing the traffic accident from the video-recording;
  • connection to traffic junction light not necessary.

Sectional speed measuring subsystem provides the following functions:

  • recognition of license plates;
  • measuring of an arbitrarily long section;
  • high reliability and accuracy;
  • automatic data processing;
  • easy processing of violations.