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LotGroup is an equipment supplier of automatic train control system in Kharkiv metro

(December 2019 – May 2020) LotGroup successfully participated in the development of an on-board set of equipment for the automatic train control system, which is designed to form traction and braking train commands on the stage in accordance with the assignment from the Central Control Station. The PU-AV complex is intended for use on the head subway cars of models 81-717, 81-717.XM1, 81-717.5 which are operated on subway lines equipped with radio frequency markers (RFID) and station devices of the automatic train management system.

The tried-and-true PU-AV complex is integrated into the control circuit of the head cars of the train and performs the functions of automatically generating traction and braking commands depending on the location of the train on the line, the distance from the station, the location of the train in front, constant and temporary speed limits. Management of the train is carried out from the head cars. The control signals for electric devices of train cars, formed by the train control unit, are transmitted through the train wires of the cars and establish the current mode of operation for the electric devices of each train car.

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