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Validator UPx5

Validator UPx5 is intended for installation as a part of automated fare collection system for public transport. It uses contactless smart-cards of different standards and barcode tickets as fare media. This hardware is easy to maintain due to its design.

brt validator upx5
  • Reading/ Recording the data from/to MIFARE®* Standard contactless card according to ISO 14443 type A and FeliCa;
  • Displaying the information about: the amount trips left on the card, the balance on the card, the smart-card’s time of validity, the current date and time, and other background information;
  • Reading the bar code;
  • Connecting to a central data server using the built-in GSM modem;
  • Receiving the information about current tariff policy from the centre and reception of stop-list;
  • Card validation and data transmission to operation control centre.

Validator provides the operation in the following modes:

  • Fare collection mode — main mode;
  • Diagnostic mode;
  • Service mode.

Fare collection mode is a main mode. Validator goes into this mode after completing all self-diagnostics tests and when being powered on.

Technical features:

Features Description
Overall dimensions
  • Height: 200 mm;
  • Length: 160 mm;
  • Width: 255 mm
Weight 3 kg
Operating Environment -10°C to 50°C operating

-20°C to 60°C storage

10% to 90% humidity

Power supply DC 19,2-26,4 V
Processor module
  • Linux open operating system 400 MHz, ARM-11;
  • Memory 512MB standard (256MB Flash, 256MB SDRAM) Upgradable via Micro-SD;
  • 1 Micro SDHC and 2 SAMs
  • 1 SIM
Graphic display
  • 5-inch TFT LCD;
  • 800 x 480 pixels;
  • Hardened glass;
  • Backlighting
Protection class IP IP 54 (outdoor)
External interface
  • 1xUSB;
  • 1xRS-232/RS-485;
  • 1xEthernet
GSM/GPRS module 1xSIM slot supports 2G/3G, 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
SAM 2xSAM slot
Memory Card Slot 1xMicroCD
Integrated Smart Card Reader EMV L1 & L2 certified
Contactless Card Reader
  • MasterCard Contactless & Visa payPass/payWave
  • ISO14443 Type A/B
  • MIFARE®*, FeliCa, NFC, Calypso
  • Contactless antenna around LCD display;
  • Exchange time less than 0.5s
Barcode reader
  • Depth of scan field 35-210 mm, 2D code: PDF417, QR Code (Model 1/2), DataMatrix (ECC200, ECC000, 050, 080,100,140), Aztec, Maxicode, etc.;
  • Response time less than 0.1s
Speed of reading/writing of contactless cards Support speed of reading/writing: 106/212/424/848 kbps
Buzzer Speaker, 90 dB
Ports 1xUSB



Security standard PCI PTS 4.x
Siting Integrated into turnstile (barrier)
Manufacturer LOT LLC, Ukraine


Stand tripod turnstile Castle is a perfect combination of simplicity and reliability. Gaining all required functionality, this high-quality hardware model has a reasonable price. The design provides the ability to mount different types of readers on the turnstile to simplify its integration into automated systems. Castle is ideal for high loaded sites with intensive visitors flow in both direction on the premises of various types, subways and transport platforms. The turnstile is designed especially for outdoor installation. It has proved its faultless performance under the boundary temperatures and high humidity conditions.
This hardware is designed to provide quick and easy access to the mechanism for service maintenance.
The model can be equipped with an electric drive for smooth and quiet passage or electromechanical drive that allows outdoor usage of a turnstile in all weather conditions.

Technical features:

Features Description
Gate type Tripod entrance gate for mass transit application
Cabinet dimensions
  • Height: 1010 mm; optional: 990 mm
  • Length: 1170 mm;
  • Width: 260 mm
Clear walkway Width: 550 mm; optional: 350/400/450 mm
Mechanism Servo-drive
Work mode 24 x 7
Weight (netto) of one stand 100 kg
Protection class IP 54 (outdoor)
MTBF ≥10 000 000 cycles
Work temperature -10°…+50°С
Relative humidity (non-condensing) ≤95% (+25°С)
Atmosphere pressure 84…106,7 kPa
Capacity 30 persons/min and more
The possibility of pass point forming
  • Left side stand;
  • Right side stand
Passage direction Both pass directions
DC power unit defence Yes
Casework 2 mm polish or brushed stainless steel
Light indication Two colour light-diodes system
Start-up time <= 5s
Compatible to Validator Validator integrated into turnstile. Compatible with Validator via RS485, 2 validator connections
Power supply with UPS function
Input voltage 110-240VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
Output voltage 27.6V DC, 24…29V DC
Output voltage 2 26.5V DC
Output current 1.8A
Output current 2 0.16A
Weight 500g
Number of outputs 2
Operating temperature -10…60°C
Electrical connection terminal block
Supply voltage 124…370V DC, 88…264V AC
Protection battery low protection, overload, voltage growth, short-circuit
Additional functions UPS
Type of rechargeable battery acid-lead
Rated voltage 12V
Capacity 7Ah
Storage time 3-5 years
Rechargeable batteries application power backup systems
Leads 4.8mm connectors
Turnstile features
Basic Features – Two-direction movement control.

– Equipped with LED indicators displaying status.

– Ability to prevent the passage of person without using card following behind another person

– Emergency “Antipanic” mode, the function of opening the turnstile bars to free passage in case of emergencies.

– Anti-reverse pass through mode.

– Ability to set the direction of movement.

Manufacturer LOT LLC, Ukraine

POS terminal

The inspection device is a new multifunctional data collection terminal with a built-in printer. The model is specially designed for on-the-spot on-site printing, for example: the printing of fine ticket, with simultaneous recording of changes to the database.
The terminal combines a high-speed thermal printer, a module for reading and writing contactless cards and RFID tags (NFC), barcode and 2D code image-scanner, WAN module (3G with HSDPA support), GPS. Technical characteristics are given in Table 1. The interaction of the inspector terminal with the on-board devices and the central server is shown in Figure 1.

Features and Benefits:

  • The thermal printer provides “on-demand printing” anywhere and anytime.
  • Wireless modules and GPS, 3G, supporting HSDPA high-speed data transfer. Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g for data exchange between devices inside the premises.
  • The NFC module for reading and writing contactless cards and RFID tags.
  • Accurate and fast C-MOS scanner for reading 1D and 2D code.

Technical features:

Features Description
Processor 32-bit ARM11
RAM 192 Mb standard (128Mb Flash, 64 Mb DRR)
Micro SD (TF card) 1xMicroSD up to 32 Gb
Display type 3.5 inch colour TFT
Resolution 240*320, 65.536 colour
Backlight LED
Data input 10 numeric/letter keys, 5 functions keys
Scanner type 1/4-inch C-MOS Imager
Resolution 1D: 0.15 mm 2D Stacked: 0.169 mm 2D Matrix: 0.25 mm
Read range 1D: from 40 to 410mm

2D: from 50 to 250mm (stacked), from 60 to 150mm (matrix)

1D codes: EAN8, EAN13, UPC-A/E, Codabar (NW-7), CODE11, CODE39, CODE93, CODE128/GS1-128 (EAN-128), Interleaved 2of5, MSI, IATA, GS1 DataBar Omnidirectional, GS1 DataBar Limited, GS1 DataBar Expanded
2D codes: Aztec, DataMartox, MaxiCode, QR Code
Print type Fast thermal printing
Paper width 58mm
Paper type Roll paper
Print speed 30 lps
USB 1xMini USB
RS-232 1xRS-232
Speaker built-in by default
NFC/RFID Smart Card – ISO14443 Type A (MIFARE®*), ISO14443 Type B, Felica®; MasterCard Contactless & Visa payWave
Card Slots 2xSAM, 1xSIM
Security DUKPT, Master/Session, 3DES

ANSI/ISO9564 format 0, 1, 3

PIN ciphered key algorithm

ANSI X9.9/X9.19 MAC algorithm

Certifications PCI PTS 4.x, SRED

EMV Contact L1 & L2

EMV Contactless L1

Visa payWave

MasterCard Contactless

AMEX Expresspay

Discover D-PAS

JCB J/Speedy

MasterCard TQM

Operation Environment
Operating temperature range 0°C to +50°C
Storage temperature range -20°C to +70°C
Operating humidity range 10% to 93% RH (non-condensing)
Power supply
Input 100-240VAC, 50Hz/60Hz, 0.3A
Output 9VDC, 1A
Battery Li-ion batteries, 2200mAh, 7.4V
Accessories (optional) Charging Base
Dimensions and weight
Overall dimensions 175 (Length) x 82 (Width) x 63 (Height) mm.
Weight 458 g
Manufacturer PAX Technology Limited
Model S900

* MIFARE® and MIFARE CLASSIC® are registered trademarks, owned by NXP B.V.

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