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Public Address System

Public Address System is intended to provide passengers with address voice announcement on the stations and in concourses.

Public Address System's Functionality

Voice informing of the passengers is an additional component of the Passenger Information System (PIS) that allows to implement the following functions:

  • informing about the time of the train departure/arrival with an indication of the route;
  • voice informing the passengers about the changes in train timetable (delayed, cancelled, etc.);
  • providing the service information (information about using the AFC system devices, information about safety requirements, etc.);
  • compulsory transmission of voice messages to the duty officers of the PAS system to any station;
  • compulsory transmission of voice messages to the duty officers at the station;
  • alarm reporting (fire, terrorist threat, etc.);
  • providing tourist and advertisement information (with reference to the station);
  • possibility of background music broadcast.

PAS system receives the information from other systems (Global Positioning System, Passenger Information System) to be performed in synchronized way to the passengers. PAS system has interfaces for interaction with other systems for example, firefighting system.

System architecture

Public address system consists of:

  • main and backup severs of the voice informing system located in the central server node of the OCC ;
  • automated working place of the system’s administrator, located in OCC;
  • automated working place of the traffic control operator of the voice informing system with the microphone console;
  • automated working places of the traffic control operators that can be located in OCC, service-and-office buildings and at the stations equipped with special rooms for PAS system operators;
  • audio-controllers located at each station and providing broadcasting of voice messages on the territory of the station and those which have autonomous storage of audio content;
  • zone selection block and station duty officer microphone (optionally at key stations, if necessary separate synchronizing of two and more zones at the territory of the station);
  • station loud speakers.
Public Address System Architecture
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