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New! Turnstile with integrated metal detector and explosives detector

Providing the high level of safety is a high priority problem that needs an innovative solution. In terms of the growing risks and possibilities with limited resources, the solution should be reliable, flexible and favorable.

To provide the multilevel protection LOT Group offers modern complex automated solution “GUARD” for the objects with high level of safety requirements.

Automated complex solution “GUARD” can solve several problems simultaneously. It can restrict the access and detect the potential threat of public safety. Completing units for such construction can vary depending on the tasks of the security department of the object.

Restriction of the access control

The automated complex “GUARD” provides two-level restriction of the access to the object.

The tripod turnstile is intended to restrict the access of the visitors one by one and to prevent unauthorized access of the groups of visitors to the potential threats detection zone.

The flap turnstile is installed at the exit of the potential threats detection zone to provide the second level of access control.

Flap turnstile is intended to detain a potentially dangerous person in the zone, as well as not to let him enter the object and to assist the work of the security department.

Detection of the potential threats

The system provides two levels of control in the threats detection zone: person control and luggage control. The first level is performed by the walk-through metal detector to detect metal objects. And the second level is performed by the explosives detector.

Luggage control belt is intended to scan personal belongings.


AC supply voltage, V 220±20
Storing of received permits for passage available
Sensors in the control zone available
Left and right cabinet motor controller interchangeability available
Control of peripheral devices available
Possibility of work as a part of access control system available
Power consumption, W not more than 500
Passage overall dimensions, mm 2010 × 700 × 1511
Turnstile overall dimensions, mm 2240 х 1020 х 1511
Weight, kg not more than 280
Flap opening/closing time, sec not more than 1,5
Dust and water protection rating IР30
Service life, years not less than 5
Turnstile capacity person/min per one passage for normally closed turnstile not less than 10
Working mode (excluding schedule) 24х7


Irbis turnstile is developed to operate at ski resorts as hardware for automated fare collection system “Tatry”. It is ideal for application at ski resorts, amusement parks, culture and leisure centres, tourist areas and so on. This hardware is designed for smooth operation in extremely unfavourable weather conditions. The turnstile can be installed at any surface, including snow and ground. Irbis usability is intended for people in special outfit (skiers, snowboarders and others): there is a comfortable hand rail on the turnstile, its height is adjustable and it is equipped with the contactless card reader of extended operation range.


  • The turnstile casing is made of steel, has a strengthened durable structure that ensures faultless performance of the hardware in severe weather and mechanical conditions.
  • The turnstile is equipped with electromechan­ical drive, and due to its unique design, it is environment resistant and ready for operation in uncongenial climate conditions.
  • The installation of optional devices is available:
  • the reader of 125 kHz RFID-cards or 13,56 MHz MIFARE®* cards to improve the reliability of the whole access system complex
  • the barcode ticket reader.
  • Irbis is designed for people in special outfit (skiers, snowboarders and others).
  • Two-line LED indication available. Displays prompts or the card balance.

Design options:


  • brushed stainless steel

Tripod bars:

  • aluminium
  • polished stainless steel


  • electromechanical

Overall dimensions:

Case height 1237-1400 mm (adjustable)
Case length 480 mm
Case width 350 mm
Tripod bars: 500 mm
Passage width 550-600 mm
Post weight 46 kg


DC power supply 24 V ±10%
Power consumption 30 W
Capacity 10 persons/min and more
Working temperatures –30…+45°С
Dust and water protection rating IP 54


New! The turnstile with a built-in biometric reader is developed specially for providing the top security safety. Biometric fingerprint access control allows to limit an unauthorized access with maximal efficiency.The usage of such a system becomes easier and more comfortable, because you can’t leave, lose or break your fingerprint. Moreover, it is much faster to put your finger to the reader than to find the pass card. This turnstile is equipped with electric gear and intended for indoor installation. It allows to use it as an autonomous access control solution.

Functional specialties:

  • The turnstile may authorize the access on several criteria: fingerprint, contactless card (MIFARE®* or EM-Marine), control button.
  • The following equipment is installed inside the case:
  • biometric terminal MA300;
  • sensor button.
  • The turnstile can work autonomously as well as a part of network access control system (with the help of U-Prox IP400 controller).
  • The turnstile construction provides fast and comfortable access to the gear for servicing.
  • The turnstile has a built-in «Antipanic» function, which allows to open the turnstile fully for passing in case of emergency.

When installing network access control system, the turnstile turns into the powerful access control tool with possibilities of setting access rules.

Design options:


  • polished stainless steel
  • brushed stainless steel

Tripod bars:

  • aluminium
  • polished stainless steel


  • electric


  • with the use of МА 300 terminal


  • with the use of МА 300 terminal and U-Prox IP400 controller


Capacity electric – 30 persons/min and more

DC power supply 24 V ± 10%
Power consumption max 40 W
Working temperature –10…+50°С
Dust and water protection rating IP 40
Supporting detectors – fingerprint

– contactless EM-Marine card (optionally MIFARE®*)

Integration with access control system U-Prox IP


The recently developed turnstile Lottoll is a unique design solution created for instant payment making. This model is an integrated payment system embodied in the miniature that requires no additional hardware or software installation and is intended for usage in public areas providing public services: transport, museums, galleries, art centers, toilets, subways, baths, etc. Lottoll turnstile is convenient to use and easy to maintain. Lottoll is a smart solution of narrow tasks.


  • Depending on the modification, the turnstile can be equipped with coin and bill acceptors, and can take only coins, or both coins and notes of several denominations.
  • The hardware has the receipt printer to print barcoded receipts for payment confirmation and for extra services provision.
  • The turnstile gives change with the coins of the acceptable values.
  • This model is equipped with electromechanical mechanism to ensure smooth and faultless long-term operation of the hardware.
  • The turnstile is equipped with large and comfortable display to show all the necessary information for payment and tips for users.
  • Additional installation of contactless card reader is available.
  • The antipanic function enables free passage in the emergencies by full opening of the turnstile. This function allows integration of the turnstile in the common security system and can be automatically activated simultaneously with the alarm notification.
  • On customer request, the turnstile’s software and interface can be localized depending on local currency or required language.

Design options:


  • polished stainless steel
  • brushed stainless steel
  • painted steel

Tripod bars:

  • aluminium
  • polished stainless steel
  • electromechanical

Overall dimensions:

Post height 1839 mm
Post length 510 mm
Post width 225 mm
Passage width 500-600 mm
Post weight 70 kg


DC power supply 24 ± 3 V
Power consumption (one post) max 350 W
Capacity 20 persons / min and more
Working temperatures 0…+45°C
Dust and water protection rating IP 42

Optical turnstile

New! Optical turnstile is a turnstile without an occlusive element. The task of the optical turnstile is to warn about the access restriction but not to forbid it. Passage through the turnstile is carried out in the same way as through all other types of turnstiles. In case of unauthorized passage, sensors work out and the signal is transmitted to the security post. Usually optical turnstiles are installed in places where there are no strict requirements for the visitors’ access control to the building or there are requirements for high throughput of the executive device. For example, such products will be essential in different salesrooms inside the shopping malls. Additional advantage of the optical turnstile over the other turnstile models is its higher throughput that servers as an important factor for public buildings where throughput per one passage to the building reaches 120 visitors per minute.

Functional peculiarities:

  • Design: «right», «left», «central» cabinets;
  • ergonomic design;
  • compact design;
  • possibility of performing the customized design.
  • Integratability:
  • possibility of independent operation;
  • possibility of operation as a part of access control system;
  • possibility of installation the additional remote devices (readers, controllers, additional audio and light indication).
  • Absence of physical occlusive devices:
  • inviting passage indication (green arrow);
  • restrictive passage indication (red cross);
  • restriction of the space inside the turnstile by means of hardened glass.
  • Passage control:
  • is carried out by means of IR sensors;
  • allows to detect unauthorized passage throughout the height;
  • audio and light signaling is activated.
  • Device components:
  • turnstile controller;
  • set of optic sensors;
  • red/green indication of passage permission (according to the cabinet design, indication is located at the side of identifier presenting);
  • audio alarm informing about the attempt of unauthorized passage;
  • secondary power source.
  • Basic modes:
  • single passage control in any direction;
  • free passage in any direction.


Power consumption АС 220В (≤ 50W) or DC 12V
Capacity ≤30 person/min
Climatic category Indoor, IP30, UHL  3.1
Number of IR sensors 7 pcs/passage
Card read range Depending on the reader used
Passage width (recommended), mm 535
Output for external alarm devices Dry contact
Program controlling Possible (via ModBus protocol)
Weight, kg ≤150 (depending on the composition)
Overall dimensions (wхhхd), mm 835х1060х1230

LOT development kit

LOT development kit is intended for self-guided work to create and develop payment system units. This kit allows to adjust and model basic processes, connected with contactless cards processing, information display, and data transmission using wireless interfaces. LOT development kit contains main units that allow the developer to create a ready-made solution for payment system independently. SDK is included into the delivery set, which simplifies the work of software developers.


LOT development kit includes the following modules:

  • computer module on the basis of TI AM335x Series ARM Cortex-A8 processor
  • indication module
  • contactless card reader module
  • wireless SPWF01SA interface module
  • casing.


  • Computer module:
  • MYC-Y3352-256N256D-80-I (800MHz AM3352)
  • 256MB DDR3 SDRAM
  • 256MB Nand Flash
  • serial ports: 6 UART, 2 SPI, 3 I2C, 2 McASP, 2 CAN, 8 Timers
  • parallel: 3 MMC/SD/SDIO, GPIO
  • 27mm pitch 146-pin Stamp Hole Expansion Interface
  • crypto accelerator
  • supports: -40 to + 85 Celsius Extended Temperature Operation for Industrial applications.
  • Indication module
  • quantized display (2 lines with 8 signs)
  • control interface – UART
  • supply voltage – 24 V DC.
  • Contactless card reader module
  • operating frequency – 13,56 MHz due to ISO 14443 Type A;
  • supported card types – MIFARE®* Classic 1K, MIFARE®* Classic 4K, MIFARE®* Ultralight, NFC in the emulation mode MIFARE®*
  • connection with computer module– UART
  • read distance – 5 – 20 mm
  • supply voltage – 24 V DC.
  • Wireless interface module
  • Standards Support 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
  • STM32 ARM Cortex-M3, with 64 KB RAM and 512 KB Flash memory
  • Built-in antenna;
  • TX power:
    3 dBm @ 1 Mbps DSSS
    13.7 dBm @ 54 Mbps OFDM
  • RX sensitivity
    dBm @ 1 Mbps DSSS
    5 dBm @ 54 Mbps OFDM
  • connection with computer module– UART
  • supply voltage – 24 V DC
  • Advanced low-power modes
    Standby with RTC: 43 µA
    Sleep connected (DTIM=1): 15 mA
    RX traffic: 105 mA typical;
    TX traffic: 243 mA typical.
  • Casing
  • allows to install all mentioned modules in a single structural element
  • mounting: to the plain surface (or to the tube using special wall bracket)
  • weight – 0,8 kg
  • overall dimensions: width 80мм, length 105 mm, height 190 mm.

* MIFARE® and MIFARE CLASSIC® are registered trademarks, owned by NXP B.V.

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