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Access control system (ACS) projects delivered by LOT Group proved their faultless operation and work successfully at a variety of facilities and sites: plants and factories, manufacturing enterprises and office premises, state institutions, banks and so forth. Moreover, our products have been installed in a variety of recreation centres intended for leisure purposes and hosting different cultural and sports events.

Plants, Factories, Office Premises, Amusement and Sports Facilities

  • Ukrainian-Canadian JE Donbass-Liberty, Khartsyzsk, Donetsk region
  • CJSC Perevalskyi Meat Packers, Perevalsk, Lugansk region
  • SE Adkom-Ukraine, Kharkiv
  • Aquaisol plant, Podvorky, Kharkiv region
  • SE Ivchenko-Progress, Zaporizhzhya
  • Avdeevskyi Coke Plant, Avdeevka, Donetsk region
  • Specialized Research and Manufacturing Association Impulse, Severodonetsk, Lugansk region
  • PO Vatek, Kiev
  • OJSC Balakleya Cement Factory, Balakleya, Kharkiv region
  • Dnipropetrovsk Railway Switch Plant, Dniepropetrovsk
  • Poltava Turbomechanical Plant, Poltava
  • LLC Pharmaceutical Plant Zdorovye, Kharkiv
  • OJSC Yenakievskyi Metallurgical Plant, Ienakievo, Donetsk region
  • CJSC Geya, Kharkiv
  • SE Donetsk Region Water Canal, Donetsk
  • LLC Vorskla, Poltava
  • SE Ukrspetsvagon, Panyutino, Kharkiv region
  • OJSC Shlifverst, Lubny, Poltava region
  • Pervomaisk Garment Factory, Pervomajsk, Nikolaev region
  • OJSC Kharkiv Institute Energoproject, Kharkiv
  • Poltava Gas Discharge Lamp Plant, Kharkiv
  • Corporation Electroyuzhmontazh, Kharkiv
  • Kharkiv Ball-bearing Plant, Kharkiv
  • OJSC Mirgorod Mineral Waters Plant, Mirgorod
  • Southern mining and Concentration Complex, Krivoj rog
  • Corporation Electroyuzhmontazh
  • OJSC Donbassebergo, Slaviansk Thermal Electric Power Station, Nikolaievka
  • LLC Energoprom, Dnipropetrovsk
  • PPF Concern Niko, Dnipropetrovsk
  • LLC Speckran, Kharkiv
  • OJSC Chuguev Fuel Equipment Plant, Chuguev
  • OJSC Ternopol Radio Plant Orion, Ternopol
  • OJSC Galakton, Kiev
  • OJSC Turboatom, Kharkiv
  • OJSC Akhtyrka-Neftegaz, Akhtyrka
  • PE Aquamarin, Kharkiv
  • CJSC Dneproshina, Dniepropetrovsk
  • Khakriv Machine Building Plant Miner’s light, Kharkiv
  • Perechinskiy Wood Chemical Integrated Plant, Perechin
  • OJSC Tajfun-2000, Kharkiv
  • CJSC Generator, Kiev
  • OJSC Ekta-Prom, Zhitomyr
  • OJSC Tandem-plus, Kharkiv
  • OJSC Chernomorskyy Shipyard
  • OJSC Kargill
  • OJSC Zolochev Food Concentrate Plant
  • LLC Ukrainian Beer Company
  • OJSC Khladoprom
  • OJSC Karavanskyy Distilling Plant
  • LLC Interglast
  • OJSC Ajs-Zaporizhzhya
  • OJSC Dnieprodzerdzhinskyy Auto Plant
  • LLC Aquamarin (supermarkets Yusi)
  • LLC Guard-Complex
  • LLC Alicon-Market
  • LLC Krok
  • OJSC Volochyskyy Machine Building Plant
  • OJSC Biol
  • LLC Delicious
  • LLC Vion
  • OJSC Dneprokran
  • OJSC Ukrenergochermet
  • OJSC Dnieprometiz
  • LLC Technoart
  • LLC Tandem Plus
  • LLC Zeves
  • LLC Yaval-Ukraine
  • LLC Agro-Trade
  • OJSC ATE 2227
  • OJSC Borshivskyy Distilling Plant
  • LLC Folio plus
  • LLC Vik-Tan
  • OJSC Starobeshevskaya Thermal Electric Power Station
  • OJSC Kiev Sanitary Ware Items
  • OJSC Poltava Plant Electromotor
  • Research and Production Complex Galichina
  • OJSC Volchanskyy Oil Extraction Plant
  • LLC Santa Ukraine
  • LLC Skif
  • LLC Monolit
  • OJSC Radiorele
  • LLC Artmotor
  • LLC Khorol ceramics
  • LLC Steelconstruction
  • CJSC Income
  • LLC Divx
  • LLC Teploelectroprojectsoyuz
  • OJSC Ukrkhimtransammiak
  • OJSC Zhytomir-polisaks
  • OJSC Pavlogradkhimmash
  • LLC Stankinprom
  • OJSC Automatgormash named after Antipenko
  • LLC MKS Kharkiv
  • LLC Transinvestservice
  • LLC Agro-Darina
  • LLC Vizard
  • OJSC Energomash
  • OJSC Kharkiv Alcoholic Beverages Plant
  • OJSC Poltava Silica Glass Plant
  • Perechenskyi LKhK, Perechni
  • TAS Seguridad, Kindergarten, Guatemala
  • TAS Seguridad, Bus Station, Guatemala
  • TAS Seguridad, Jaguar Energy, Guatemala
  • Green Center, Building sites, Czech Republic
  • Aqua park Dream Town, Kiev, Ukraine

Educational and Scientific Establishments

  • State Scientific Institute of Single Crystals, Kharkiv
  • Kharkiv National Academy of Municipal Economy
  • LLC Electrodynamics Institute
  • Kharkiv University of Civil Defense
  • SE Construction Bureau named after Ivchenko
  • Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University, Kharkiv, Ukraine
  • Poltava National Technical Yuri Kondratyuk University, Poltava, Ukraine
  • Kharkiv National Medical University, Kharkiv, Ukraine


  • BCI bank, Chile
  • CJSC Megabank, Kharkiv
  • JS Bank Megabank
  • JS Bank Faktorial
  • OJSC Zemelnyi Bank

State Establishments

  • Lugansk Oblast Procurator’s Office
  • Kharkiv Oblast Procurator’s Office
  • Poltava Oblast Procurator’s Office
  • MC Kharkiv Metro, Directorate

BCI bank in Chile

LOT Group has representatives and partners in many countries. Latin America is not an exception. One of our partners is an ARCHITEQ LTDA company. For the period of our business cooperation, we implemented a number of projects. We delivered the equipment and installed access control systems for banks, offices, etc.

In 2015-2016 the project on the installation of access control system for the BCI bank in Chile was successfully implemented .Currently BCI is the third largest private bank in terms of loans and the fourth bank in number of customers. Twelve new Style turnstiles were mounted within this project. The system has proven its high efficiency already within several months after launch.

Access Control System. BCI-bank. Chile

Access control system in Tallinn Airport

In February 2015 LOT Group implemented access control system in Tallinn Airport, Estonia.

Tallinn Airport is one of the largest airports in Estonia that serves as a hub for the national airline Nordica, as well as the secondary hub for AirBaltic. Tallinn Airport serves both domestic and international flights.

Two full-height turnstiles Defender were integrated into the access control system of the Tallinn Airport. Lot Group’s equipment once again proved its fine quality, robustness and reliability. The access control system installed in Tallinn airport has been successfully operated since then.

Access control system in XS Tower office building for ITA Group Bulgaria Ltd

Project scope:

  • Porta turnstile (two passages formed by central (in-between) cabinet, master cabinet and slave cabinet).

Access control system for Roo Brands OOD in Sofia, Bulgaria

Access control system was installed in office and factory buildings of Roo Brands OOD in Sofia.

Project scope:

  • access control and time-keeping system for each building of the factory;
  • video door phone system ( SIP telephony based smart system ) for access control points;
  • 13 access control points;
  • single database for visitors ;
  • client server information system.

Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University

In autumn 2014, the first stage of a complex ACS project implementation had been finished in this university. The access control system, providing students and lecturers accounting functions, was installed in the main building (4 Calisto turnstiles). The system is intended to operate the database of 18 000 people. At the entrance to the parking area, a traffic-control barrier and an Expert turnstile were installed. Now works on installation of more than 20 turnstiles at other nine university facilities (in hostels and branch in Poltava) are in progress.

Kharkiv National Medical University

In summer 2011, the ACS, using 6 Expert turnstiles, was implemented in the main building, including a turnstile installed at the hostel, and a digital photo
studio for issuing passes was equipped. The system is designed to operate the database of 8 000 users (students and teachers).

Turnstyle Expert at Medical University, Kharkiv

Poltava National Technical Yuri Kondratyuk University

In spring 2010, in Poltava National Technical University the access control system, including students and lecturers accounting module, was installed in the main building (4 Castle turnstiles). The system is designed to serve the 10 000 users database (students and teachers).

O.M. Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv

In spring 2005, the ACS system, including 4 Barrier turnstiles with remote control, fencing, wickets and other additional equipment was installed in the entrance hall of this university.

Access control system for secondary school 132 in Sofia, Bulgaria

Special access control system with Smile software (school dairy) for schools was installed in secondary school 132 in Sofia.

Project scope:

  • Expert turnstiles – 2;
  • L-IT swing gates – 2.

Access control system for secondary school 92 in Sofia, Bulgaria

Cloud based Andromeda access control system was installed in secondary school 92 in Sofia.

Project scope:

  • Expert turnstiles – 2;
  • L-IT swing gate.

Our products have been installed in a variety of recreation centres intended for leisure purposes and hosting different cultural and sports events.

  • Skiing resort Dragobrat, Yasenya village, Ivano-Frankovsk region, Ukraine.
  • Skiing resort Zveniv, Oryavchik village, Lviv region, Ukraine.
  • Skiing resort Magura, Pylypets village, Zakarpattia region, Ukraine.
  • Skiing resort Gimba, Pylypets village, Zakarpattia region, Ukraine.
  • Skiing resort Krasiya, Vyshka village, Zakarpattia region, Ukraine.
  • Skiing resort Yablonitsa, Yablunitsa village, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Ukraine.
  • Skiing resort Anger, Vysokyi town, Kharkiv region, Ukraine.
  • Skiing resort Satori, Migovo village, Chernivtsy region, Ukraine.
  • Skiing resort Extreme-Style, Kharkiv, Ukraine.
  • Skiing resort Kharkiv Switzerland, Kharkiv, Ukraine.
  • Skiing resort Karpaty, Slavske, Lviv region, Ukraine.
  • Skiing resort Varshava, Slavske, Lviv region, Ukraine.
  • Skiing resort Oktant, Volosyanka village, Lviv region, Ukraine.
  • Skiing resort Ibis, Pylypets village, Zakarpattia region, Ukraine.
  • Skiing resort Vyshgora, Vyshgorod town, Kiev region, Ukraine.
  • Skiing resort Oryavchik, Oryavchik village, Lviv region, Ukraine.
  • Kharkiv Central Park, Kharkiv, Ukraine.
  • Fitness centers network SportLife, several cities, Ukraine.
  • Dynamo Stadium named after Valeriy Lobanovskyi, Kiev, Ukraine.

Local Payment Systems for Central Amusement Gorky Park in Kharkiv, Ukraine

Kharkiv Central Park occupies an area of 130 ha. There are more than 50 modern amusement rides, Park cinema, children’s railway, aerial railway, sports grounds and so on. A park attend over 300 000 visitors per week.

In 2012, the reconstruction of Kharkov’s new Amusement Park took place and LOT Group had implemented a fare collection system there. The Amusement Park’s system uses contactless proximity cards of multiple usage. It is equipped with real-time database server, POS-terminals for cards vending, 34 Castle tripod turnstiles, produced by LOT Group. All the turnstiles are installed open air and operate faultlessly in severe weather conditions.

Local Payment Systems for Valeriy Lobanovskyi Dynamo Stadium in Kiev, Ukraine

Valeriy Lobanovskyi Dynamo Stadium is a home of Dynamo football club. The stadium holds 16,873 people and is the second biggest stadium in Ukraine.

In 2008, LOT Group has implemented a fare collection system at the stadium. The system uses bar-coded tickets. It includes a real-time database server, ticket-vending machines and 25 Barrier tripod turnstiles. All turnstiles are installed open air and operate faultlessly in severe weather conditions.

The system is highly vandal-proof, despite the damages the equipment suffered during events in Kiev in February-March 2014, the system survived efficient performance and needed minimal maintenance to launch in the full-featured operation again.

Local Payment Systems for Skiing Resorts, Ukraine

In 2004 LOT Group developed Tatry, Ukraine’s first electronic payment and access control system for skiing resorts.

The system’s payment medium is a contactless proximity card of multiple usage. The system includes a server to work with a real-time database and several workstations with authorization devices, connected to the server and a reader system. The readers are installed in the payment collection areas, such as chairlifts, parking lots, entrances to public washrooms, skiing gear rentals and so on.

The Tatry system’s software is extremely powerful. It is customizable to meet specific customer requirements and allows fair control over the resort’s finances.

Currently, the Tatry electronic payment system is deployed at 18 skiing resorts in the Carpathian mountains and Ukraine’s other regions, including such skiing resorts as Dragobrat, Magura, Gimba, Krasia, Yablunitsa, Anger, Karpaty, Varshava, Satori, Ibis, Kharkiv Switzerland, Extreme-Style, Oktant, Zveniv, Vyshgora and more.

Local Payment Systems for Sport Life fitness club network, Ukraine

Starting with 2009 and further, LOT Group cooperates with Sport Life and installs local payment system’s equipment in each fitness center all over Ukraine, including newly opened ones.

The system uses contactless proximity bracelets of multiple usage. It is equipped with real-time database server,
POS-terminals for media vending, 10-14 Expert tripod turnstiles per one club, produced by LOT Group. Right now the systems operates in 34 fitness centers and serves 6 000 000 visitors per month.

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