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Automated Cab Signaling

Automated cab signaling (ACS) is a rail transport signaling system, transmitting signal aspects to the rolling stock control station.

ACS System Provides:

  • signal aspect in a control cabinet by the train, allowing the movement if there is a vacant section with the length not less than designed stopping distance with a speed limit or prohibiting the movement and demanding stop;
  • continuous control over keeping permissible speed and automatic braking when overspeeding;
  • automatic train (stock) brake release after speed reduction to the permissible speed;
  • train (stock) automatic braking to the full stop: before occupied track section, before the section, where the track circuit is damaged, when the receive command signals are disrupted, before the traffic light with a red light, when overspeeding;
  • operator’s alertness control when ACS train equipment is detached.


ACS System Includes:

  • field transmitting devices;
  • receiving and decrypting devices, indicators, sensors and on-board executive devices;
  • devices, that coordinates ACS operation with other components of signaling.
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