LOT Group takes part in the city of the future construction


The touristic Namak-Abroud  town is situated in the northern part of Iran, Mazandaran Province, on the shores of the Caspian Sea. It has an area of 650 hectare and population of 15 thousand people. Moreover, this city hosts about 25 thousand of people every day.

How to provide a normal control for such a flow of people and cars, organize their access to touristic objects and therewithal save peace in a resort city? Such a task was given to LOT Group. Our staff has found a solution and suggested to equip  Namak-Abroud town with the Smart City based local payment system.

The solution on access control contained:

  • Implementation of a single payment medium and access control.
  • Provision of full and in time report
  • Access control to the city parking lots.
  • Payment and access control of visitors to the objects
  • Provision of video monitoring and visitors’ safety.
  • Creation of a single processing center on the management of all financial flows and access control points at the territory of the city.

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